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Agrasen Vidya Mandir is a new perspective of our times and a glimmer of the future. Surely a school is a place where one learns about the totality and the wholeness of life. Academic excellence is absolutely necessary, but a school includes much more than that. It is a place where both the teacher and the taught explore the world of knowledge with their own thinking and behavior. A school establishes a strong foundation for a happy and successful adult life. The school is a co-educational institution imparting education for the all round development of boys and girls in a true SECULAR manner, so that the values of human dignity and equality are enshrined in the hearts of the pupils. This will help them to be responsible citizens and to build a modern democratic society.

Pattern of Education

Every child has a right to education. It is the duty of every adult to educate the child, but no child needs to be burdened. Let him learn while he plays; and play while he learns. The curriculum (as prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education) has a healthy mix of formal and informal education which enhances the all-round development of the child. The accent is on a process of LEARNING BY DOING. The learning process is aimed at physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. The child is encouraged to participate in collaborative group tasks, thereby developing sensitivity and bonding team-spirit. Competitive tasks are introduced at the appropriate age.No two children are alike and should therefore not be compared. The system of continuous assessment (evaluations) for students of Primary, section is skill-based, and causes no undue pressure on either the parent or the child. The child’;s progress will be recorded in the school, and discussed with the parents at appropriate times.

Work Sheet

Work sheets are learning aids for pupils. They are requisite study sat: material that are carefully designed and planned by experts. They are co-related to the textbooks and application of its content. It is equally important for the pupil to rend his/her textbooks at home.

NOTE: The work sheet system is aimed at total learning. Please avoid any tuition or special coaching, as it makes the pupil dependent. The school resource team is always at your service for guidance.

In case the child is absent when a worksheet is done, it will remain blank and will not be given again to the student.


We are the members of the Management committee feet proud to bring to you a perfect school which has designed its academic programme, considering the important aspects of the all round excellence of children.

Our mission is to impart education on holistic basis to develop students to nurture values with scientific temperament.

We believe that

  • The child is the pivot of all our programmes

  • There is no place for any form of corporal punishment.

  • We affirm the importance of personal identity and individuality of every child

  • The school endeavors to inculcate in each child the pride of being Indian, and Love for rich cultural heritage of India.

The school is committed to

  • Give the best academic results by meticulously following the CBSE pattern of studies referring to the NCEPT and CBSE oriented publication.

  • Develop interest in the studies by motivating the child through positive reinforcement

  • Develop dignity of labour.

  • Evolve aesthetic sense.

  • Unfold importance of surroundings and the conservation of environment.

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